Today is my first day back in the office for six weeks – what a shock to the system.

I returned to the UK on Thursday of last week and have found it a challenge to settle back to normality.  It’s surprising how much of a comfort of not being able to do anything about the ordinary worries of life was.  It has taught me that I need to live more in the moment and how destructive worrying about the small things in life can be.

I can not pick one highlight and you’ll have to give me some time to try and make my blogs about the voyage more presentable, but I can assure you that it’ll be worth the wait.

It is taking me rather longer than I thought it would to realise and understand the achievement of sailing across the Atlantic Ocean.  This is a challenge for anyone with or without a disability but after some time I will recognise that it was me who has completed this epic task.

Check back soon for a more detailed account of my passage.


Blogs from the ship – transatlantic voyage to Antigua

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