Sighted issues with face masks can happen to blind people too!

Before you laugh out loud at this blog, I’d like to point out that even us (Blindies) have issues with wearing a face mask.

As I type this, I can almost hear the audible sigh from you readers but don’t despair, this isn’t going to be another debate about whether face masks make a difference or not – oh no, its better than that!

Last week, while leaving the leisure centre with Pip my support worker who was guiding me, I suddenly exclaimed “I can’t see over the top of this b***** face mask”.  Pip stopped in her tracks and burst out laughing.  Not only had I just said it louder than I intended but I was holding my white cane as well and little did I know that a friend of mine who Pip also does support work for had said the same thing just two or three hours before.

But, you’re blind, what does it matter to you if a mask slips over your eyes I hear you ask, well, I may be registered blind but I have less than 10% vision so the light perception I have is very useful vision to me and so when the mask slipped up – bingo I notice and can’t keep quiet about it!

When I told colleagues about this, I got an even better reaction from them than Pip – I generally didn’t realise what hilarity I had caused just by saying what was on my mind.

Pip and I are still laughing about it a week later so, I hope this brings a little light relief to you in this time of uncertainty

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