This morning I did something out of the ordinary, well I don’t usually facetime my mother at approximately 06:55 while on my way to get the bus to work.

Unusually for me my alarm hadn’t gone off this morning so I was rushing around more than normal, I can only put what I’m about to explain down to me not being as awake as I usually am for this time in the morning.  I left my house as normal and began walking my route to get the bus to work but as I was going about my business I kicked something that was sprawled all over the pavement so tentatively I found my way past it then continued for a few steps before turning back.  I suddenly thought have I just kicked a person who’s lying in the street. I then facetimed my mum as I knew she’d be up and showed her what I’d kicked.  I’ll add here that normally I don’t react this way towards rubbish bags or whatever may be in my way.  I hadn’t kicked a body as I’d thought I’d kicked a pile of delivery boxes that were left outside the Chinese supermarket.

I made it to the bus stop and felt foolish and relieved that I hadn’t stumbled across a dead body or a homeless person, but it truly did feel 100% real to me.  I’d like to apologise to my mother for worrying her at that time in the morning and for thoughtlessly making her view something that could have been horrible or frightening.

I’m ending this blog by asking people to be mindful of where and how they leave delivery boxes or rubbish as I could have unwittingly dialled 999 and caused a lot of unnecessary disruption to the emergency services just because of someone else’s actions.

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