The conclusion of the 2 day ‘Living with Sight Loss Course’ was as stated by one of the attendees ‘totally inspiring!’ The course  which is aimed at people adjusting to sight loss and those close to them was delivered at Southampton sight by facilitator Brian Anderson from the RNIB (who is also Southampton Sight’s Chairman) and our staff Mandy, Kate and Sonia who contributed with their skill and knowledge around sight loss. It was a very interactive course which covered a lot of content providing information, advice, support and practical solutions. Sight loss has a huge impact on people  in itself physically, and emotionally it can affect self esteem, self identity and relationships with family and friends. Attendees on the course were able to discuss these areas and how they were feeling in small groups. People came away feeling confident with what the future may hold, knowing that there is a variety of support, equipment and peer friendship available to them through charities like Southampton Sight.

Attendees comments:

‘I just want to keep on clapping with what I have learned throughout the course’ P O’connor

‘It’s been very informative, I shall be coming back to Southampton Sight to attend activities’ J O’connor

‘I feel a lot more confident talking about my condition’ Pete


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