Southampton Sight volunteer Simon Lashbrooke-Small who delivers our Sight Awareness Workshop Sessions for Primary School pupils has been busy writing a book to support children talking about their Coronavirus experiences.  His story, The Day the Virus Came, is a short story for children set 60 years into the future.

Grandad recounts the tale of when he was 10 years old.  He tells of what happened “the day the virus came.” His rhyming storytelling explores what that meant for him, his family, and the world, in a simple but evocative way.  The story encourages children, parents, and teachers, to draw comparisons with aspects of their own lives during the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020.  What might they remember about this time when they are older?  It is ideal to read aloud to children because of its rhythmic and rhyming pattern, and repeated phrase.  Simple photographs and graphics are used to support the ideas within the story, almost like snapshot images of fleeting memories past.

Simon’s book is available on Amazon as an eBook should parents or grandparents wish to obtain the story for use at home, with donations going to Southampton Sight.

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