Thank goodness for my white cane. It has travelled the world with me.

I bought my latest cane from San Francisco’s LightHouse organisation that supports visually impaired people. I specially chose a strong but collapsible version to be my “back-up” cane as I embarked on a cooking tour across six continents. I spent over two months getting about in America, Costa Rica, China, Australia, Malawi and the UK – you can see and hear my cooking adventures at

But thank goodness I had my back-up cane. I lost the original when I was nearly killed in a car crash. After many months in hospital, I had to learn to sit, stand and walk again. That new sturdy cane was absolutely vital when I was so unsteady on my feet and struggling to get mobile again. It has been my essential companion as I managed to get out of the wheelchair and take those first staggering steps.

You can read my adventure blogs and the recipes are accessible at

Penny Melville-Brown

#whitecane #bakingblind #independence

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