Using radar and augmented reality, the Sunu Band enables blind and partially sighted people to travel with confidence.  Advanced haptic feedback guides your way around any obstacle, and navigation sensors connect you to the world that’s around you.

Here is a review from one of our Trustee’s Lieke:

I recently purchased the Sunu Band and am really impressed with it.  Initially, it took me some time to get the settings right for me, but now I really like it.  In the app, you can set the sensing range as well as the detection area for indoor and outdoor mode.  It took me some time to find the settings that worked for me, as too small meant I would miss important things like fences and posts, but too large would mean the sunu buzzed constantly and I couldn’t figure out which direction was clear.  After getting the settings right, you don’t have to change them, and you can easily change between indoor and outdoor on the sunu band without having to open the app.

Using the Sunu Band is simple enough, it effectively works like a parking sensor on your wrist.  There are two buttons, the home button and the navigation button.  To start obstacle detection, you click the navigation button and it starts in indoor mode.  If you need to switch to outdoor mode, you swipe over the surface of the Sunu Band.  To turn obstacle detection of you click the home button.  For me this has worked brilliantly, as I have tunnel vision and the sunu band has picked up obstacles that are outside my field of vision, avoiding me potentially bumping into people or obstacles.  I used the sunu band to travel to London by public transport and did not bump into anyone or anything on the way!

The Sunu Band can also be used to tell you the time and has a function to navigate to places nearby.  I use the time function, but personally prefer a standard navigation method that directs me with voice commands.

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