Many of you that have been following Kate’s On the Road blog will know how frustrated she is about ‘shared spaces’ and the effect on her day to day life. When you do not have sight loss, and don’t have to rely on tactile paving or a sighted person to help you navigate the increasing ‘shared spaces’ that are creeping up on us in our city centres, many of us just don’t give this issue a second thought. With more and more electric cars as well, Kate is often nervous when she is on her own out and about. Can you imagine my frustration, as her employer, when I discovered that on the site we work from a shared space is being constructed! How did this happen and why didn’t we know about it? Doesn’t it just show that so many people still know so little about living with sight loss and why it is crucial that we campaign about the effect of shared spaces on our visually impaired colleagues. Rest assured our ‘shared space’ is being dealt with. Thank you to Eastleigh Mens Shed who are constructing barriers as we speak.

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