Sight Loss Awareness training is crucial in a society where many people still know so little about living with sight loss.  At Southampton Sight we don’t just support people living with sight loss – we have made it our mission to improve awareness of sight loss in medical and community settings.  We have been working in partnership with Southampton University Hospital Trust to develop Sight Loss Awareness Training for employees at the hospital whatever their role.  Over the last 18 Months we have delivered sessions for over 400 4th year medical students and we are now developing a new training module for ward staff.

What is it that we do differently and why does our sight loss training make an impact?  We think it is our approach of having people with lived experience of sight loss leading the way.

This is the feedback we got yesterday from our pilot session for ward staff

  • Insightful and definitely worth doing.
  • The best session of the week. A privilege to speak to the visually impaired and think about their experiences.
  • Great to have insight from the visually impaired.
  • Great experience to be guided.
  • Very good, great having visually impaired individuals come in for teaching to give their experiences.
  • Loved the opportunity to talk to those living with sight loss.
  • Loved this, gave me a better insight into patient lives.

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