How do you know that what you do has an IMPACT?  When you get this sort of feedback you know and making a difference for the sight loss community is a winner in our book!

It was wonderful being out and about again delivering sight loss awareness training at the hospital for the nurses in the ophthalmology unit.  Many of our members often comment that when attending the eye unit they can’t fault the medical care they get but there are some things that could be improved at the eye unit and how a referral to a local sight loss charity or local authority is key.  Our training is focused on communication, breaking bad news, the special needs of the visually impaired and the certificate of visual impairment.  Thanks to our members who help us by telling their personal stories of sight loss and how when the right support is in place, they can move on to lead very fulfilled lives.  In the afternoon we introduced the nurses to the ROVIs (Rehabilitation Officer for the Visually Impaired) in the local authorities and to local charity support and explained what we did and how we can support their patients.  Thanks to everyone who was involved.

I just wanted to say a huge Thank You to you and your teams for taking the time to spend with our nursing team, talking about your roles, how we can support patients and bridge the gap between medical and social support.  The clients that you invited in were an amazing way of getting the nursing team to see things differently, to put themselves in their shoes, empathise.  I feel the team were touched emotionally by the experiences your clients shared and I feel this will impact on the quality of care we can offer in the future.  The whole day was inspiring and we are very enthusiastic about getting more involved.  This is the start of a great journey that will hugely benefit our patients.  Please pass on our thanks to your team, Opensight, the ROVI’s, the clients with sight impairments and of course the gorgeous guide dogs.  We really do appreciate it.  Senior Sister, Eye Unit, Southampton University Hospital Trust



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