It’s a tough gig when you lose your sight.  You lose your independence, you have to make major adjustments and life changes very quickly.  That coupled with the emotional and mental changes many of the people coming to Southampton Sight need a lot of help and support to start to do and learn things again.

For the last 18 months Southampton Sight has been working with Southampton City Council Sensory Team running Cooking with Confidence Courses for people losing their sight or have lost it completely.  Our courses aren’t just about cooking they are about making friends, socialising, having fun whilst learning new skills or adapting old ones.

Thursday are a hive of activity down at the centre – lots of laughter and fun and lots of tasting and eating.  We start with basic skills – buttering a slice a bread – try to do that blindfolded and knife skills, another interesting activity to do when your sight is impaired.  We showcase aids and gadgets that can make their lives easier and also show how to adapt every day equipment.  Did you know that a £2 Afro comb can help with cutting vegetables and fruit as it is a natural guide for the knife. The one cup kettle – another simple purchase that can ensure independence.

Our last graduates may have been an eclectic bunch but they had fun and learnt loads – one older gentlemen made his wife a toasted sandwich and a cup of tea – she was chuffed as this hadn’t even happened when he had sight.  Another made a birthday cake for her children and another used his oven for the first time in 2 years.  All are now engaging in other activities and still making chicken stir fry!

So this week it is the hot air fryer and next week we prepare for Christmas by baking cakes and mince pies.  Anyone fancy a cuppa next Thursday?


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