As we all wave goodbye to the short nights and frosty mornings of winter, we here at Southampton Sight are as keen as ever to help in whatever way we can.  Knowing we have changed a life is reward in itself, but when a member puts pen to paper to express their thanks it really does make the gloomiest of days shine.  And so it was that the following fell onto our doormat and brought so eloquently with it the joys of spring.  Thank you, Jonathan Cole, your words truly brought a smile to our face and a warmth to our day.

Dear All at Southampton Sight

First thanks again for all you do.  Secondly, I was enjoying the coming of Spring and wrote a few words I thought I would send to you, for no other reason than I hoped you might enjoy them, and more importantly, feel the same! Here they are…

Bloomin’ Good!

Bit Chilly And Cloudy But “The Hour’s” Gone On,

So The Evenings Are Brighter, And That Can’t Be Wrong.

The Daffies Have Pushed Up, Shown Us Their Glowing Faces,

While Buds And Blossom Pop Out, On The Tree’s Green Spaces.


The Birds Are Flying And Fluttering, Calling And Singing,

Nature’s Powerful Orchestra, Heralding A Season.

Some days Are Warmer, Some Surprisingly So,

Helps Create In Us A Much Needed, Warm Inner Glow.


Now Is A Good Time For Optimistic Seeds To Be Sown,

Setting Up Future Growth, That Into The Mix Must Be Thrown.

The Seasons Are Special, This One Seems So, More Than Most,

Like Taking A Long Road, And Then Round A Corner, The Coast!


Things Are Always In Flux, A State Of Transition,

But This Season Brings With It, Such Free Optimism.

Enjoy The Sights, Sounds And Smells, As The Sap Rises In The Wood,

Take Note Of The Spring, Cos All Around Us Is Bloomin’ Good!

Thanks again for all you do, you bring hope and strength to a great many peoples’ lives.  In a way you Charity is like SPRING.

All the best

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