Did you know that 93% of people with significant visual impairments can perceive light? In other words, though I cannot see colours, shapes or people I can tell the difference between light and dark. I have light perception and feel that the older I am getting I am gaining more of a visual understanding of things around me- maybe my brain is getting more adapt at guessing correctly what things are or am I making visual connections with objects and movements around me?

Recently on a Vision Of Adventure sailing opportunity I was sitting on a yacht in glorious sunshine with my legs dangling over the side and wind in my hair and I believe I saw waves for the first time in my life.  While talking to my friend Amy I suddenly looked down and exclaimed “I can see waves!” When I went into detail about what I thought I could see Amy explained that what I was seeing was the difference between the peak and troughs of the waves.  I should add that as the sun was shining on the water this enabled me to see the difference between the low-down dark patches and the higher up lights as they went on their merry way.  Wow, Wow, Wow! Sailing rocks!

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