Kate has been traveling again but not over land or sea.    This time she visited Belfast so took the quick option – a flight.

Whilst traveling I was made aware of a scheme that makes it easier for people who have a hidden disability to travel through airports in the U.K.  Once my partner and I found the specialist assistance desk at Luton airport we checked in and were given a lanyard to wear.    The staff member explained when you wear this in most UK airports this will alert staff that you have a hidden disability and will require help when traveling.

Staff can give you extra assistance with the following – sorting out belongings and liquids before moving through security, finding a drink, escorting you to your boarding gate and assisting you on to the plane.

I am a nervous flyer and would most definitely choose to travel by train or ferry but as we were only in Belfast for one full day I agreed to fly.  Having pre-booked help made me feel a little less nervous.

In the past if you were flying and had to arrange “special assistance” you had to call and speak to someone but when we booked our flights with Easy-Jet we were able to fill in an online form as part of the booking process and state what we specifically needed help with.  I’m not saying that every airline does this now, but this has made life easier for us.

This scheme is not just for people who have sight loss, as the name suggests it is for a wide spectrum of conditions.

I am typically late to the party with this news considering it has been in operation since October 2016 but thought that you all should know because maybe this is that little piece of info that may help you to decide to visit somewhere new but were putting it off because you were worried about traveling with a disability through an airport.

Thanks, and happy traveling 😊

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