Dear reader, this blog is a hard one to compose because although what I’m about to tell you was my decision it is still sad to say.

I have decided to leave Southampton Sight to focus on gaining employment in the sailing industry; I’m being honest, I don’t know in what capacity this will be in, but this is my goal.

I want to say a heartfelt thank you to all members, volunteers, and staff at Sight who over the last six years have helped me in your own way to become the person who I am today.  Working at the organisation has given me many opportunities to develop as a person.  Some of them to note are: working on the pilot project teaching sight loss awareness to fourth year medic students; in the past I would have never had the courage to stand at the front of a large lecture theatre and tell them my own sight loss journey.  Staff and volunteers at the charity taught me how to adapt my teaching skills to work with people of all ages, I have worked with children delivering fun filled sight loss awareness sessions but have also been able to work with medical staff on developing their own knowledge in order to be able to help patients with sight loss better.  I have met many members over the years and delivered one-to-one training sessions and have run workshops with the help of Angela my support worker.  Together we’ve supported people with learning how to use an adapted mobile phone, taught people how to touch type and anything in-between.

It’s hard to condense what I’ve learnt from working for the charity in six years in to one blog, but I must mention my passion for sailing.  If I hadn’t worked here I wouldn’t have realised my absolute love for sailing and how it has pushed me to realise my abilities, that I am more resilient than I ever thought I would be and above all I have learnt that I am the one who puts most of the barriers in my own way.  If you’d have asked me when I was younger would I want to be part of a mixed ability crew on a tall ship whose collective aim was to cross the Atlantic Ocean I would have ran more miles than I care to think about in the opposite direction but this passage just like working at Southampton Sight taught me so much about myself and for that I am forever grateful.

You will notice that I didn’t put goodbye at the top of this blog because to me, goodbye is too final.  Although I am leaving Southampton Sight as an employee I still want to keep in touch with the organisation and you may see me around but as a volunteer.  I’m sure Jackie wouldn’t say no to me helping to deliver some of the sight loss awareness sessions that may come up in the future.

I want to end by wishing everyone the best for the future and I’ll say see you soon.  Let’s be honest here – you’re more likely to see me first so, do say hello 😊


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