It feels like an awful long time since I posted; work has been a mix of busy and quiet times.

The charity has been working with some of our 16-25-year-old members on a project developed by a PhD student from Southampton University; she has created a prototype app designed around helping sight impaired people to find information about sports, local facilities and coaches who can help them to get active.

Both myself and the members tried out the app on two occasions, we used it on an Android phone; I confess that I have very limited experience of using Android software’s.  The design of the app worked well but there were a few glitches like struggling to type in information with the use of TalkBack.  I would say that this app would connect sight impaired individuals with sporting activities and may be useful to someone who has moved to a new area or if they decided they wanted to get fitter or meet people and join an accessible sport team.

Following our meeting last Tuesday I was sent an online survey of which I completed about how much activity or sports I thought I did on an average day.  If you are aged between 18-30 and are blind or sight impaired and would like to help the PHD student with her research, then please follow the link below to complete the survey.

Thank you

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