This week has been full of cheer and festivities!

Tuesday the centre was full of our lovely volunteers for our annual volunteer Christmas dinner that Maria and Sonia cooked.    The food was plentiful and very tasty.  I did feel guilty while eating; Gail, Angela and myself were sat at different tables and Jackie, Mandy and Michelle were all serving us.  The staff who served didn’t eat with us which made practical sense and I know that although I am unable to serve people I still felt guilty as they weren’t eating.  The meal was a way for us to say thank you to the volunteers for the time and effort they put in to helping us-without them we couldn’t do as much as we do, it was also a chance for the volunteers to enjoy socialising.

Wednesday, what to say? In the morning Angela (my support worker) and I were given the job of organising the Fareshare food cupboard where we keep stores of tinned and packet food. We arranged it so that anyone could walk in there and know what was where, for example, we have lots of tins of baked beans so we made sure they were kept on the same shelf.  This is rather like doing a stock check in your own kitchen cupboard just on a slightly larger scale.  One of those tasks that is not that fun but a rather necessary one all the same.  In the afternoon, the Wednesday social group had their annual Christmas party, seasonal musical entertainment was provided and after this sandwiches, crisps and cake was all washed down with a cup of tea.

In the evening, all staff and some of the trustees went out for our Christmas meal at the Aspire restaurant at Southampton City college.  We all enjoyed the fantastic food, we are hopefully going to work with them on some special events in the upcoming year as its Southampton Sight’s 50th year anniversary as a charity; watch this space!

Today is Thursday and it’s my last day before I have time off for Christmas.  I think the chocolate I’ve eaten in the last few days has gone to my head- I feel in a really silly mood! The morning started with our usual team meeting and after this we got to the exciting bit that everyone had been eagerly waiting for; the secret Santa.  I am sure I will enjoy my bottle of Prosecco and Pop a Ball, these are balls of flavour that you apparently put in the glass of Prosecco and you drink it through the straw that is provided.  I promise I will drink responsibly.

I will catch up with you next year and hope you have a happy and healthy Christmas and new year.     

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