This week has been a quiet week so far at work; with my support worker on holiday I am unable to leave the office without the support of other colleagues. 

I have seen a service user in the centre for a touch-typing session and I worked with two of my colleagues on creating a leaflet detailing the most important information for people who have just been told that they have sight loss.  This will hopefully soon be available at the Southampton General Hospital’s Eye Unit. 

This afternoon I will be attending a National Citizens Scheme event.  The young people will come around to different stands; their aim is to find out what charities do and how they can help them.  Southampton Sight are primarily attending these events to raise awareness of sight loss and how although changes take place you can still live a fulfilling and independent life.   

We will be taking along with us our usual food challenge.  This came about because my colleagues used to watch me eat my lunch and giggle at how I used to chase my tomatoes around my bowl of salad.  The challenge if people choose to accept it is to wear a blind fold or close your eyes and try to successfully eat some food items out of a Bowl without peaking or using your fingers. 

Next Tuesday (14 August) I am holding a Penfriend Audio Labeller workshop from 13:45 to 15:00 at our centre in Bassett Avenue.  If you would like to attend, please call the office and my colleagues will ensure you have a space. 

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